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Web Tracker is the LT-Analyzer utility that creates a wealth of web-based software usage monitoring reports and charts.

Web Tracker creates a static HTML snapshot for the current content scope of a LT-Analyzer database. The suite of linked reports contains a home page with database/scope information, and reports for each licensed feature, each user, each group and various analyses. The individual reports are accessed through main pages for licenses, users, groups and analyses.
  Web Tracker provides the commonly used reports from License Tracker in a web format with click-and-follow navigation between related charts. This simplifies the browsing, charting and access to reports for the casual user thus allowing the usage analyst to readily share information with upper management in an easy to use format.
  Web Tracker is accessed in the LT-Analyzer screen through the Report->Web Tracker Reports menu item. The dialog that appears offers you the opportunity to view existing reports or to generate a new set. If you choose to generate new reports, Web Tracker displays another dialog in which you can select the reports, and components of each report (license, user, group, and analyses), you want to generate.
  Web Tracker reports can also be generated by Auto Tracker as a regular batch process.
  To view the output from Web Tracker for a sample database click here.

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