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User Model Description

    The User Model is imported into an LT-Analyzer database from a simple ASCII .csv-format file that associates various types of information with a UserID. The simplest possible User Model file contains a single heading, UserName, with a list of user names below it. Multiple user model files may be imported at different times to contribute to the in database user model.

    The default User Model contains the following headings on the first line of the ASCII file. These heading names are reserved and significant to LT-Analyzer. Heading order is not important in the model.

    UserName the computer login name (i.e., the userID) found in the license server log files. UserName is the only required heading in a User Model.
    FirstName the real first name of the user
    LastName the real last name of the user
    EmailAddress the userís E-mail address
    PhoneNumber the userís phone number
    Comment1 a comment about the user
    Comment2 a comment about the user
    Date the date from which any user attributes on this line are valid

    The information from these default columns is included in the user information area of the Web Tracker User Report. The comment fields can be used to include some other standard piece of information relevant to your enterprise that would be useful in each User Report.

    Other headings that appear in the model are treated as group type names (categories of user attributes) by LT-Analyzer. For example:

    Group_1... Group_n Group names usually correspond to something significant to the organization tracking license use, such as a business unit name, department name, project name, location or any other attribute that may be relevant. Examples included in the sample User Model file are "Location", "Division", and "Role".

    The group type and group information is used by LT-Analyzer in its various group analyses.

    The information for the User Model is generally retrieved from an account management system, such as LDAP.

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