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License Tracker Support

    Primary support for License Tracker is provided through the License Tracker support website, Access to that website requires a userID and password.

    These are obtained with either a valid maintenance agreement for a Server DB Edition or File DB Edition license, or through the purchase of a separate support contract.

    If you already have access to License Tracker through your own license, or a vendor provided global license but need a support userID, you may purchase one here.

    Other support resources include manuals, presentations and other documents can be found on the Documents page on this site.

    To access and download all freely available global licenses, go to this page. Note that these are not needed if you have a File DB Edition or Server DB Edition license.

Support Site Overview

    The License Tracker Support Website provides access to the following items:

    Webinars Webinars are offered on many topics for both License Tracker administrators and end users. This area lets you see the schedule of upcoming webinars and sign up for those you want.
    User Forum An area where various product use FAQs are posted and where users can ask questions and share experiences.
    Logging an Issue A forum providing direct access to support and development staff to report an issue.

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