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LT-Analyzer V3.3 New Feature Set

    New Data Sources

    User Model Integration with LDAP
    To simplify creation of User Models, LT-Analyzer may be configured to accept user details exported from LDAP. A configuration interface and connection test allow administrators to quickly set this up.

    New LT-Analyzer Reports

    Account Transactions
    The introduction of Account Transactions enables Software usage chargebacks for cloud/SaaS enterprises. Accounts may be considered as bank accounts in that users have an account balance and their pay-per-use amounts are recorded as transactions. Each account may have its own license model which describes how the licenses and charges are to be applied to users in that account. This feature can be effective in cloud computing metering transaction analyses.

    Other New Features

    Specify Content Scopes in AutoLoader
    The AutoLoader component of LT-Analyzer's automation suite now interprets Content Scopes as defined by the system administrator.
    Windows 7 Support
    LT-Analyzer has historically been run on any system supporting JRE 1.5 or greater. Release 3.3 has been validated on Windows 7 64-bit systems.
    Feature Aliasing
    Software features often have cryptic names and LT-Analyzer provides a mapping capability that allows assignment of user-defined aliases for features. When defined, reports and charts generated will display the alias instead of the original feature name found in the session source files.

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