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LT-Analyzer V3.2 New Feature Set

    New Data Sources

    ENH - Enhanced Flex Debug
    ENH enhanced debug logs are standard Flex debug log files enhanced with the inclusion of additional records that provide richer usage information. These enhancements are the product of LTI's Enhanced Logging Initiative, a consultative process with software vendors and enterprise end users to determine all needed information in a log file in order to perform complete usage analysis. This process resulted in the ENH Records Specification. LTI provides source code to software vendors royalty-free that can be incorporated into their Flex vendor daemon to enable the insertion of ENH enhanced records into the debug log.

    New License Tracker Reports

    Project Cost Splits
    The concept of cost splitting based on actual software usage has always been fundamental to License Tracker. Previously this has been based on the User Model which assigns userIDs to various company specific categories between costs are to be divided.

    Cost splitting has been extended to take advantage of the ability in various license management systems to assign an internal project identifier to individual software use sessions. License Tracker uses these project identifiers to divide software costs using the same the options as with User Group Cost Splitting, those being time used, unique user count or maximum concurrent users within group/project.

    Other New Features

    Token Based Reporting
    Token based licensing is offered as an alternative by some software vendors to traditional feature based licensing. In a feature based licensing system the customer purchases (or rents) a specific number of licenses for each of the software features provided by the vendor. In such a system the user may run out of licenses for one feature while licenses for other features are not in use. In a token based licensing system the customer is instead provided with a token pool of a certain size (effectively a specific number of licenses for a token feature). Each of the vendor's software features is then assigned a certain token value; when a user attempts to check out a license for a feature the system actually checks to see if the required number of tokens is available in the pool.

    Typically with a token based system it is only possible to analyze the usage of the token feature. With version 3.2 License Tracker provides the ability to track the usage of the actual software features within a token pool.
    Extension of Attributes to Features and Data Sources
    The use of attributes (categories and values) associated with userIDs is a fundamental concept in License Tracker which is used for defining content scopes and for group based cost splitting. This use of attributes has been extended to both features and data sources, allowing company defined categories to be assigned for use in defining content scopes.
    Duplicate Feature Name Support
    In previous versions of License Tracker there was a constraint that names of software features had to be unique in a single database. With version 3.2 support for the same feature name to be used by multiple software vendors within a single database has been added.
    Improved Peak Concurrent User Count Cost Splitting
    The Peak Concurrent User Count cost splitting method had previously considered only the single absolute peak use for each feature for each group during the period of analysis. The method has been improved to now be based on the average of the twenty highest daily peaks during the period. This ensures that a single day aberation does not results in an excessive share of the costs for a single group (or project).

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