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LT-Analyzer V3.1 New Feature Set

    LT-Analyzer 3.1 was released on August 20, 2008.

    New Toolset Edition

    Limited Edition
    The Limited Edition of the License Tracker toolset is a version of the File DB Edition that will operate without the need for a license but with several restrictions. The Limited Edition does not have access to the Auto Tracker and is restricted to a maximum of 10 users and 15 software features. When License Tracker is started without a license it will automatically be in Limited Edition mode.

    New License Tracker Charts

    Concurrent Use Analysis
    The Concurrent Use Analysis chart provides a combination of the Concurrent Use chart and the Sessions chart. At the top, the Concurrent Use chart for a specified feature is shown. The bottom section displays the active session for a point in time which is selected by clicking on the upper chart.
    Change in Usage
    The Change In Usage chart displays the change in total hours of usage for a specified software feature for subsets of a date range relative to the first period in the range. The size of the periods can be daily, weekly or monthly.

    Other New Features

    Time Based User Model
    The User Model in License Tracker is used for "slicing and dicing" the data based on user categories to assist in chargebacks, joint venture cost splitting and general departmental analysis. Previously, each user could have exactly one line in the user model providing one value for each of the categories. The time based user model allows many entries for each user, each entry having a date from which the category values are valid. This recognizes the fact that people change business units, locations, roles, etc. and their software usage over time should be properly assigned to the group at each time and not all of their usage to their most recent group.
    License File Importing - Simplified License Model Creation
    The creation of license models can be quite time consuming. This new capability facilitates the initial generation of a license model by parsing the license file (from either Flex or RLM license servers) to determine license counts for each feature.
    Multiple License Checkout Support
    On occasion a software application will require more than one license for a specific feature in order to operate. This is particularly true for software vendors that make use of token based licensing mechanisms. License Tracker now parses the log files looking for and capturing license counts for use in its analyses.
    Dynamic, Hierarchical Group-By Capability in Reports
    Most of the License Tracker reports can be viewed using a group-by capability that selects the values from one column and groups all of the items with a common value together. The new capability allows this grouping to be refined by selecting multiple columns for a hierarchical group-by. The column headings being in the group-by are shown at the top of the report as drop-down menus; any of these may be grabbed with the mouse and dragged to a different location in the list to dynamically change the order of the groupings.

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