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New Features in LT-Analyzer

    The current version of the LT-Analyzer is release 3.4. It was made available on July 31, 2014. To download the current version, please visit our Downloads page

    New Data Sources

      There are no new data sources in this release.

    New LT-Analyzer Charts and Reports

    Web Tracker: feature-by-day session count
    This spreadsheet report provides the daily session count for each feature in the current content scope.
    Web Tracker: user-by-day absolute peak
    This spreadsheet report provides the daily peak license usage for each user. This report may only be selected for a content scope with a single feature.
    Web Tracker: individual user concurrent charts
    Concurrent use charts for each user individually may now be selected as an optional element of Web Tracker feature reports (a chart for each user of this feature) and user reports (a chart for each feature used by this user)

    Other New LT-Analyzer Features

    License File Additive Import
    In the License Model editor, FlexLM and RLM license files may now be added to current values. Previously any items read from a license file replaced the old values for the feature.
    License File Import Date Specification
    Administrators may now specify the valid from date for items in a license file import. Previously they were always imported with the current date.

    Auto Tracker Enhancements

    AutoLoader: End-date-yesterday
    The new parameter '-edy' allows specification of 'yesterday' and the loading end date.
    AutoLoader: host-for-user
    The new parameter '-h4u' duplicates the hostID in records for the userID. This is useful for software that is always run as 'root'.
    AutoLoader: license-file-date
    The new parameter '-lfd <date_spec>' enables specification of a date from which licenses in a FlexLM or RLM license file will be considered valid. Previously license file reads were forced at the current date.
    AutoLoader: add-package
    The new parameter '-lfap' will add a feature to the database for PACKAGES specified in FlexLM license files. This provides supports for vendors which check out the actual packages instead of the individual features.
    AutoLoader: license-file-vendor-override
    The new parameter '-lfvo' will add new features found in a license file to the database associated with the vendor specified with the '-v ' parameter instead of the vendor specification within the license file.
    AutoLoader: feature-translation-models
    The new translation model CSV files enable substitution of one feature name with a different feature name on parsing of a log file. Translations can be either 'duplicate mode' or 'replace mode'.

    LT-Analyzer Release Archive

New Features in LT-Live

The current version of the LT-Live is release 1.1. It was made available on July 28, 2011. To download the current version, please visit our Downloads page

New Features

LTLiveAgent Configuration
The LT-LiveAgent component of LT-Live may be installed on a separate host from the license manager, providing increased flexibility and ease of deployment.
Service Implementation
LT-LiveAgent now runs as a service on Windows, providing a more robust solution and uptime.

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