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LT-Analyzer supplements the basic software license usage data obtained from log files with additional information from its four types of models. This additional information enables License Tracker to provide the analysis necessary to address complex software business issues. All License Tracker models are imported into the tool as plain ASCII text files in comma-separated-value format. Most are imported into the database and are persistent, whereas some are transient, used once and discarded.
Persistent Models : Imported into Databases
   The User Model contains information to relate to the logon userIDs that are found in the usage log files. This information includes both contact details (full name, telephone and email) and business unit information. The User Model provides the necessary information for LT-Analyzer's business unit software usage cost splitting and other group-based analyses. There is only one User Model in a License Tracker database, although more than one file may be imported to provide information for that model.
   The Feature Model contains information that relates to the software feature names that are found in the usage log files. These include characteristics that are true of all instances of the software feature. There is only one Feature Model in a License Tracker database, although more than one file may be imported to provide information for that model.
   License Models contain financial and entitlement information about a set of software features for a specific business relationship. They provide the necessary information for LT-Analyzer's financial analyses, such as software usage chargebacks and cloound computing metering. Each License Model contains license count, license purchase and maintenance costs, as well as details regarding any pay-per-use rental arrangements. Individual License Models must be associated with one or more Content Scopes and will be used in financial calculations when that Content Scope is active.
   Budget Models contain monthly software rental budgets for a specific relationship. License Tracker uses this to prepare the PPU Summary chart. As with License Models, Budget Models must also be associated with Content Scopes in order to be used in calculations, such as cloud computing metering and chargebacks.
Transient Models : Used and Discarded
   Both of the transient models are used by the AutoAlerter component of Auto Tracker. There must be exactly one of each model type present in the input directory used in each AutoAlerter instance.
   The Alert Model provides details of which usage conditions to test for, on a per-feature basis.
   The Subscription Model provides details of which individuals are interested in being notified about specific alerts described in the Alert Model and what email address to use to contact them upon alert condition detection.

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