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LT-Live Overview

Overview and Capabilities

    LT-Live offers customers the ability to perform near real-time usage analysis and reporting.

    LT-Live monitors license servers to determine the enterprise's licenses in use and the general health of the license servers themselves. These license servers control access to high-value software packages. LT-Live actively processes the usage information found on the server and instantly presents the information through a web interface. This allows an administrator to monitor the license system, to see how many licenses are available, how licenses are being utilized, which license servers are having problems, etc. Since information is presented in near real-time, the administrator can quickly react to problems as they arise.

    LT-Live also makes it possible for software users to see if licenses are currently available, and to view the utilization patterns of other users.

    The LT-Live system consists of three components: LT-LiveAgent, LT-LiveWeb and LT-LiveConfig. LT-LiveAgent runs on all the license servers being monitored, and forwards information to LT-LiveWeb, which then displays the information through the web interface. LT-LiveConfig is used to configure the operation of LT-LiveAgent and LT-.LiveWeb.

Key Features

    Monitors license usage and availability for multiple servers at multiple sites, either FlexLM or RLM (Reprise)

    Monitors license server status

    Web browser interface for html reports and enterprise-wide query access

    Query filtering capability for enterprise-wide analysis, single license server, single vendor daemon, individual user, business unit, single feature, or set of features for single vendor product.

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