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LT-Analyzer supplements the basic software usage data obtained from log files with additional information from its four types of models. This additional information enables LT-analyzer to provide the software usage analysis necessary to address complex software business issues.
License Tracker Open Formats
   LT ASCII is an open, plain text, usage log format that can be used to create License Tracker databases. Conversion utilities can readily be built to translate usage data from formats not directly supported by License Tracker into LT ASCII for processing and analysis. See Documents for the LT ASCII File Description.
   LT-UsageLogger is an open, plain text, usage log format generated by the LT-UsageLogger server system. By embedding client-side API calls into software applications complete, accurate and secure usage data can be logged independently of a standard license manager. LT-UsageLogger is an ongoing project of LTI, please contact us for more information about this project.
License Manager Formats
   Flexera, Flex Debug is an open, plain text usage log created by the FlexNet license server. The flexlm report log contains all necessary information for basic software usage reporting and analysis (user, feature, host, checkout, checkin, denied) and is the most common file imported by License Tracker users.
   Acresso, Flex Raw Report RIF is an ASCII report derived from the encrypted report logs also generated by the FlexNet license server. As well as the basic usage data contained in the debug logs this report can also include IP address and Project information for advanced analysis as well as specific information about license sharing between user sessions.
   IBM, LUM Usage Report is an ASCII report generated by IBM's License Use Manager.
   Reprise, RLM are open ASCII files generated by the Reprise License Manager. Although a plain text file, this log file also contains encrypted digest records to provide assurance of non tampering to software vendors enabling secure usage based licensing, and is valuable for software usage monitoring.
   Safenet, Sentinel-RMS is generated by the server based licensing solutions from Safenet (as opposed to their hardware dongle based solutions).
Software Application Proprietary Logs
   Schlumberger, Petrel slog.

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