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License Model Description

    The License Model is a simple ASCII-format file that identifies the number of licenses owned of each feature as well as the financial leasing parameters for pay-per-use access to the feature. It also contains dates and times that either of these items has changed. This model is used for defining cloud computing metering details.

    The License Model is crucial to all of LT-Analyzer's financial analyses

    The License Model file contains some or all of the headings listed below on the first line. All headings except for FeatureName are optional but if they are used they must match the names below. Order is not important.

    VendorName the name of the vendor to associate with this feature name; this column is only needed for features which have not already been loaded in via the Feature Model
    FeatureName the software feature name as found in the license server logfiles
    Date valid from date, which allow license costs and counts to change over time. Use the format YYYY-MM-DD
    LicenseCount the number of licenses purchased (owned, not rented)
    ProductCost the cost to purchase a single license
    MaintenanceCost the annual maintenance fee for a purchased license
    AnnualCost the annual rental license fee
    MonthlyCost monthly rental license fee
    HourlyCost the hourly rental license fee
    Mode the pay-per-use rental mode (i.e., annual, hourly, monthly, hourly capped, by the second, seconds capped). The term capped refers to rental situations where a license’s hourly fee changes to a monthly fee when the usage hours reach a specified amount.
    License files for RLM and FlexNet license servers can also be parsed by License Tracker to build a license model.

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