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Addressing Business Issues

    License Tracker's extensive suite of charts and reports track software usage and provide a fundamental understanding of and enterprises's license usage. This understanding facilitates informed software asset management decision making and enables enterprises to address these key software business issues:


    Capacity Planning A sound understanding and analysis of your current software usage patterns is critical to software capacity planning for your future needs.
    Optimizing Maintenance Costs Identifying unused and underutilized copies of software can result in significant savings from reduced maintenance and upgrade costs, and LT-Analyzer provides easy to read software license reports.
    Ensuring Proper Usage Identifying and eliminating situations of improper software license usage increases the value received from your software expenditures and ensures license compliance.
    Business Unit Cost Splitting Apportioning software costs to business units, projects and joint venture partners needs to be based on actual usage or consumption in order to be equitable. Software usage cost analysis is a key differentiator of LT-Analyzer.
    Usage-based Licensing Software usage analysis is a key enabling technology for access to short term, on demand, additional licenses for peak periods Application Service Provider (ASP) environments, as well as cloud computing metering applications.
    Protection of Investment Reallocation of software investments made with a software vendor between various members of a product family protects the investment of the enterprise, optimizes software cost, and increases the visibility and utilization of the vendor's products within the enterprise.

License Tracker not only enables
management of your current software assets... also facilitates software vendors and end users
to enter into next generation software licensing models.

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