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Overview : How LT-Live Works

LT-Live is made up of three components: LT-LiveAgent, LT-LiveWeb and LT-LiveConfig.

To enable near real-time performance, LT-Live Agents are installed directly on (or close to) one or more license servers. These agents perform local lmstats and rlmstats on the servers being monitored and buffer this data for retrieval by LT-Live Web servers.

LT-Live Web is installed on a web server and provides the end-user, web browser interface. For better performance in geographically dispersed environments, LT-LiveWeb may be installed on multiple web servers. LT-LiveWeb collects usage data from LT-LiveAgents on multiple license servers and creates a database, which can then be intelligently queried for analysis. As with LT-Analyzer, analysis can be carried out from the perspective of multiple stakeholders.

LT-LiveConfig is the administration tool and may be installed on any machine that can access the license and web servers. It is used to initialize and configure the operations of LT-LiveAgents and LT-LiveWeb.

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