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Feature Model Description

    The Feature Model is imported into a LT-Analyzer database from a simple ASCII .csv-format file that associates various types of information with a software feature name found in log files. Multiple feature model files may be imported at different times to contribute to the in database feature model.

    The Feature Model file contains the following headings on the first line of the ASCII file.

    VendorName the name of the software vendor providing this feature; this is used in defining content scopes
    FeatureName the name of the feature as it appears in log files
    SharingStrategy rule to be applied for license sharing when processing a usage log file without explicit sharing information
    FalseDenialThreshold minimum period of time (in seconds) between similar denials (same feature, same user, same host); the second denial within this threshold is flagged as false; potentially true denials with a successful checkout within the threshold are also flagged as false

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