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LT-Analyzer is sold as a single product comprising all of the following components.
   LT-Analyzer imports the usage data that has been generated and captured by other systems and creates its own database of usage sessions. LT-Analyzer also contains all of the data mining and reporting tools to create interactive reports for software usage monitoring.

Generating the understanding
   Web Tracker creates a suite of linked HTML reports from an existing database. Web reports ease the browsing of related software license reports and facilitate the sharing of information with IT management and business groups.

Sharing the understanding
   Auto Tracker is the automation component used to import data and report on software usage on a regular basis. It contains three sub-components: AutoLoader which loads log files from a single directory into a database, AutoReporter which generates a set of Web Tracker reports, and AutoAlerter which sends email alerts on detection of specified conditions. Auto Tracker is typically run as a batch process enabling software license usage analysis, reporting and condition detection.

Automating the understanding

License Tracker
Generating the Understanding

Web Tracker
Sharing the Understanding

Auto Tracker
Automating the Understanding

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