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    Auto Tracker is LT-Analyzer's automation engine for software usage monitoring.

    Auto Tracker facilitates the regular generation of software usage analysis reports without placing undue strain on an enterprise's limited IT resources. Auto Tracker consists of three sub-components AutoLoader, AutoReporter, and AutoAlerter. Auto Tracker operation is a three stage process:

    1. configuration - a usage analyst prepares input and output areas as well as script files containing various AutoLoader, AutoReporter, and AutoAlerter commands; these scripts are then scheduled to be run at a specific time (or times) in Windows Task Scheduler (in Windows systems) or as a cron job (in Linux or Solaris)
    2. automation - at the appointed time, Windows Task Scheduler or cron launches a script file which may first copy usage data into the appropriate input directories and then runs the specified AutoLoader, AutoReporter, and AutoAlerter commands
    3. analysis - the Web Tracker reports generated by any AutoReporter commands are now available for browsing by the usage analyst and management; similarly, any databases loaded by AutoLoader are now updated for interactive analysis using LT-Analyzer.


      AutoLoader will load all of the report server log files in a specified input directory into a specified database (either Server or File). The files in the directory may be usage log files or model files.


      AutoReporter will connect to a server database or open a file database and then generate a set of Web Tracker reports into a specified output directory based on a specified content scope and report scope.


      AutoAlerter will connect to a server database or open a file database and inspect the database for certain conditions as detailed in an alert model and upon detection of these conditions will send email alerts to specified individuals as detailed in a subscription model.

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