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Company Background

    About the License Tracker Technology

      The LTI technical team have been providing license analysis solutions to the oil and gas community since 1990. The first generation technology was installed in over 100 locations worldwide and was instrumental in facilitating the pay-per-use rental model that has been used extensively over the past decade.

      License Tracker is the second generation technology that builds on the expertise garnered through over fifteen years of software vendor and end user experience.

    About License Tracker Inc.

      LTI was incorporated in June 2005 to commercialize the next generation technology, License Tracker.

      The LTI management team brings over 60 years of combined software development, software commercialization and consulting experience to the company. Their list of satisfied customers includes prominent players in the oil and gas, EDA tools and telecommunications industries.

    Our Business

      License Tracker Inc. (LTI) provides easy to use solutions that allow corporations to accurately manage their software assets by understanding how often, and who within the organization, is using them. LTI's tools also enable software vendors and application service providers (ASPs) to implement and administer usage-based licensing.

      LT-Analyzer, our flagship product, processes usage data captured by other systems and generates a wide array of charts and reports. These analytics provide the insight needed to make informed software asset management decisions and enable enterprises to move to software metering models.

    Customer Value

      The License Tracker suite of products helps maximize the value of your software assets by enabling you to address business issues such as:

      Software license capacity planning
      Optimizing software maintenance costs
      Ensuring proper software license usage
      Administering fair departmental cost splitting and software usage chargebacks
      Entering into and monitoring usage-based software licensing agreements
      Cloud usage metering to ensure you only pay for the software features used

License Tracker Inc.

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